The RiverScape development is synchronous with a larger community revitalization mission to transform inner cities and underserved areas, connecting them into the healthy regional economy. The project is supported by a regional organization of business leaders and civic organizations committed to ensuring that Northwest Louisiana has the skills and resources to compete in the global economy.

Riverscape will be the first development of its type in Northwest Louisiana and will benefit the entire community by encouraging economic development through initiatives which will create jobs, firms, income and wealth for an area in need of revitalization. RiverScape is characteristic of the "smart growth", new urbanism-style projects prevelant on the East and West Coasts, but uncommon in the South.

The RiverScape business model is a strategic joint venture, partnering a leading for-profit developer and a faith-based community non-profit development company. The venture is backed by The Northwest Louisiana Community Development Fund I, a double bottom line fund established to invest in real estate projects in low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods in the region. The Fund aims to deliver market-rate financial returns for investors (the first bottom line) and positive social, economic and environmental impacts (the second bottom line) to the communities in which it invests. At completion, the project will establish a national model for how such development joint ventures can be undertaken.

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